Parent Teacher Association

In addition to fundraising activities, the PTA may also arrange other activities to enhance the parent / family and school link. An example of this is the Crombie Snake which began in June 2020 and was 328 rocks long by the time it retired for the Summer in July, providing a lovely home-school link and sense of community during lock-down!

What is the PTA? Can I be involved?

Crombie PTA is a registered charity whose main role is to enhance the educational experience of children attending Crombie school through raising funds for equipment / activities which are not usually funded by the Local Authority.

In session 2019/20 we worked alongside school staff to raise money by:

Unfortunately the planned Summer disco and annual Fun Day had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These events were organised and run by a committee, which comprises of parents and carers with children of all ages in the school along with some teachers. Anyone is welcome to join the committee – all you need is to be willing to dedicate a small amount of time and a sense of humour!

There are four office bearing committee members (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), who are nominated during the AGM.  Other members of the committee are ordinary members and there is always a member of staff on committee to support with home-school liaison.

The PTA committee usually meet once per term to discuss and arrange fundraising with an occasional extra meeting for a particular event. The main objective is to raise as much money as possible to provide support and enrich the education of every child attending Crombie.

We request that the teaching staff compile a “Wish List” of all items  they would like to be purchased by the PTA when funds are available. This gives us all a goal to work towards and with your help and the help of your children we will again manage to grant those wishes.

How does the PTA differ from the Parent Council?

The PTA and Parent Council work in partnership with each other and the school.

The PTA’s main goal is to enhance the education of pupils at Crombie by fundraising for equipment, resources and educational facilities that are not normally provided by the Local Education Authority.

Contact the PTA

If you require any further information, or would like to get in touch, please either drop a letter off at the school reception or use our postal address, email or Facebook account and we will be in touch:



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Crombie Primary School,

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Latest PTA AGM Minutes:

PTA AGM Minutes March 2020