School Closure

In Case of School Closure

Please check the Aberdeenshire Council’s school closures website

Below is a list of recommended websites which the children can also use in the event of a school closure. These websites may be useful for children to reinforce learning which has been taught in the classroom. There is also a list of suggested activities to do with your family if the school has to close sever weather.

Please remember that these websites and activities are only suggestions and starting points. Feel free to use your imagination and creativity to adapt these or develop your own. We look forward to hearing all about your learning.


Spelling games

Literacy – interactive story (upper stages)

Maths games

Maths and language games/resources – BBC Bitesize

Maths and language games

Various learning games

Research weather

School radio


Severe Weather Closure

If the school has to close during severe weather, here are some weather related activities you can try at home.

Early Stages


*Make a snowman then take a photo or draw it once you’re finished.
*Make a snow Angel.
*Take some snow inside in a bowl and watch what happens to it.
*Go for a walk and look for different prints in the snow.
*Draw some snowflakes of different shapes and sizes and colour in.
*Snuggle up and have a story.
*Bake some cakes or biscuits with a grown up.
*Make a den somewhere in your house using different materials.




Upper Stages


– Write a poem describing the snowy scene around you. (ENG1-13a/ENG2-13a)
– Write instructions on how to make the perfect snowman. (LIT1-28a/2-28a)
– Imagine you are lost in a snowy, magical world – write a story explaining how you got there and what you are doing to survive. Remember to include a description of the setting using lots of adjectives! (ENG1-31a/ENG2-31a)
– Imagine your snowman came to life! Write a diary describing your adventures with your magical friend. (ENG1-30a/ENG2-30a)
– Write a newspaper article with the headline “Stuck in the Snow!” (LIT1-28a/2-28a)
– Write a review of Ice Age or any other snowy film! (ENG1-30a/ENG2-30a)
– ‘Should school be closed when it snows?’ – Write a persuasive text including both sides of the argument. (LIT1-29a/2-29a)


– Are there lots of icicles? Measure them to see if you can find the longest!! (MNU 0-11a/MNU 1-11a/MNU 2-11a)
– Make some snowballs and weigh them – can you find objects which are heavier and lighter than them? (MNU 0-11a/MNU 1-11a/MNU 2-11a)
– If you have a thermometer, find out the temperature outside! Compare this to the temperature in your nice, cosy house! (MNU 0-02a/MNU 1-02a/MNU 2-02a)
-Snowflake symmetry! Can you draw a symmetrical snowflake? (MTH 0-19a/MTH 1-19a/MTH 2-19a)
-Go outside and make a snow angel!! Can you measure the wingspan in centimetres? (MNU 0-11a/MNU 1-11a/MNU 2-11a)
– Build a snowman and measure the height of it! Can you make it as tall as you? (MNU 0-11a/MNU 1-11a/MNU 2-11a)
-Build an igloo and estimate how many people it will hold! (MNU 0-01a/MNU 1-01a/MNU 2-01a)
-Make a snow gauge using an empty bottle and measure how much snow has fallen. ? (MNU 0-11a/MNU 1-11a/MNU 2-11a)
Expressive Arts
– Practise your scissor skills by cutting out some beautiful snowflakes on white paper. (EXA 1-03a/EXA 2-03b)
-Produce a black pen drawing of the wintery world outside your window! (EXA 1-03a/EXA 2-03b)
-Create a picture in the snow or try to create an animal out of snow – how imaginative can you be? (EXA 0-02a/EXA 1-02a/EXA 2-02a)
-If you play an instrument, compose your own piece of snowy sounding music. (EXA 0-18a/EXA 1-18a/EXA 2-18a)
-Find out what the weather forecast is for different places around the world and produce your own weather report. You could even record it! (EXA 0-14a/EXA 1-14a/EXA 2-14a)