Crombie Nursery is regulated and inspected by the Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council. The Care Inspectorate carried out an inspection in October 2017 and this inspection report is available on the Care Inspectorate website.   Find care – Care Inspectorate

We follow the Quality Assurance procedures detailed in national documents “How Good is our Early Learning and Childcare”, “Health and Social Care Standards” and “Realising the Ambition” to ensure individuals accessing our service realise their potential and have dignity, privacy, choice, safety, equality and diversity.

Crombie Nursery provides a service for children in their Pre-school and Ante-Pre School year. We can accommodate learning for up to 32 children over 5 or 6 sessions per week, all year round or term time. We have our own enclosed facility in the main building of Crombie School and can be accessed at the right of the main school building, past the bike shelters.

The nursery itself was refurbished in October 2019, and allows a space for children to access resources as they wish and develop their play skills at the same time.


Early Years Senior Practitioner – Mrs Booth

Early Years Lead Practitioner – Miss Rachel Fraser

Early Years Practitioners

Miss Becca Davidson

Miss Caitlin McMurtrie

Miss Megan Davidson



Crombie Nursery Admissions, Induction and Transition Policy

Crombie Nursery Attendance-Absence Management Policy

Crombie Nursery Benefit Risk Assessment Policy

Crombie Nursery Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Crombie Nursery Infection Control and PPE Policy

Crombie Nursery Nappy Changing and Toileting Policy

Crombie Nursery Provision of Food within Crombie Nursery

Crombie Nursery Toothbrushing Policy


Crombie Nursery Vision Values and Aims

NURSERY CONTACT DETAILS                                                                                                             01224 472905 (option 3 for nursery)